A Debt to Pay !

                                       “Technology will eventually kill us.”
Quote by physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking led to the emergence of word “Sleep Debt.”
Science defines sleep a lot like bank. When you don’t get sufficient sleep at night time, then you’re been dragged into overdraft account which is termed as sleep debt.
Our body is biologically built to require a certain amount of nutrition and rest time in order to function efficiently and to retain thinking ability. In this modern era of advanced technological gadgets, alarms clocks, work pressure, the majority of us have accumulated some amount of sleep debt which has both long term and short term effects on health like a foggy brain, vision issues, impaired driving and obesity, diabetes, memory loss respectively.
But don’t worry, we have got a trick to calculate your sleep-wake ratio so that you don’t get into the burden of an excessive amount of sleep debt:-
Research has shown that we need 30minutes of sleep for every hour we spend awake.
For instance, if you are awake for 16hours during the day, then the required sleep time is 16x30minutes = 8hours.
If you take slumber for less than 8hours, say 6hours, then the difference of 2hours will go into the account of sleep debt.It means now you owe 2hours of sleep.
Each 2 hours add up to your sleep debt and sometimes it’s paid with life.
The ideal sleep-wake ratio is 1:2.

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