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Fidget Spinner A toy to play with: We present you the Fidget


Fidget spinner were originally invented by Catherine Hettinger in the year 1993.

As per media reports, Hettinger couldn’t afford to pay $400 as renewal fee to update the patent on her invention and her patent got expired in 2005.

Yes, technology advancements and trends shaping 2017 range from important environmental technology to future of flying cars and “Fidget spinner” is one of its kind. The low-tech device captured the eyes of kids and become so sensational gadget that Time Magazine reported teachers are banning the spinners from the classroom as they are calling it as ‘Distraction of Learning’.

Every human is naturally prone to interruption which causes difficulty to stay focused and results in fidgety. This difficulty led to the invention of Fidget spinner.

FIDGET SPINNER are rectangular much like ceiling fans that can be spun in fingertips designed to relieve stress, anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Expert says having something to occupy their hands may help to improve concentration and innovation like A person who can’t get up and walk around to wake up a bit, may find it helpful to stay focused and calm while staying put.

The toy is the latest craze to sweep the globe.

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